Odvetniška pisarna Sladič & Resnik, d.o.o.
Romana Sladič - odvetnica

Areas of Expertise

We offer services and representation in each of the following legal areas.

Labour Law

Employer representation

Drafting general legal acts of the employer

Drafting employment contracts and other related agreements

Regular and exceptional termination of employment contract

Disciplinary proceedings

Resolving issues related to redundant workers

Representation in all types of individual labour disputes

Collective labour disputes

Employee representation

Consultancy on concluding employment contracts

Law suits on grounds of contesting an employment contract

Requirements for remedy of infringement of other rights relating to employment relationship

Disciplinary proceedings

Representation in all types of individual labour disputes

Collective labour disputes

Civil and Commercial law


Civil contracts (purchase contracts, deed of gift, work contract etc.)

Commercial contracts (brokerage contracts, business cooperation agreements etc.)

Contracts for copyrighted works

Legal analysis and interpretation of contracts

Representation in contractual disputes

Debtor-Creditor relationships

Out-of-court and judicial recovery of debt, alimony etc.

Representing debtors

Representing creditors

Objections in execution proceedings

Temporary and prior judicial orders

Lodging of claims in bankruptcy proceedings or compulsory settlement

Inheritance law

Drafting of wills

Representation in inheritance proceedings

Representation in judicial proceedings relating to inheritance

Drafting of contracts which prevent inheritance


Claims against persons responsible for damages

Claims against insurance companies

Actions for damages

Representation in court and before insurance company arbitration

Divorce and formalization of a civil union

Representation in separation proceedings (on the basis of a law suit or agreement between spouses)

Division of matrimonial assets / assets of common-law partners / assets of civil-union partners and assets of non-formal civil-union partners

Determining the alimony amount and drafting a potential law suit for the increase or decrease of maintenance obligations

Proceedings in awarding custody of a child

Property law

Drafting real-estate purchase contracts

Drafting lease agreements

Representation in trespassing disputes

Representation in disputes relating to interference with property rights

Land registry status management

Criminal Law

Representing defendants in criminal proceedings

Representing the injured parties

Indemnification claims for compensation of damages caused by criminal offence

ODVETNIŠKA PISARNA SLADIČ & RESNIK, D.O.O., Dalmatinova ulica 2, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, T: +386 (0)1 432 11 53, F: +386 (0)1 320 58 58, info@ors-op.si

VAT number: SI61525642, Registration number: 6810390000, Business account: SI56 6100 0001 0338 413, opened at Delavska hranilnica d.d.

The company is entered into the court register at the Ljubljana District Court on 20 March 2015, with initial capital of EUR 7.500,00.

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